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Rochester City Schools Turning Points Essays - 2010

RCSD Turning Points Essay Assignment

Anthony Crumity
John Marshall High School

There is a rule that every successful entrepreneur had to follow to get to where they are today, that rule is to give all you have, work hard, give everything you have to your work; Be committed to your work, have a vision and follow it; Be determined to become the best you can be and there will be nothing in life that you can’t achieve.

Right now in my life I’m focused on my career in football but in my future I plan to help the youth in the city because I see a lot of talent here. However, a lot of talent is being wasted because the youth are not getting the recognition they deserve and the right people to help them get to that next level. I plan to work with them from the knowledge I have in football to get our youth from that shallow point in their lives from where they look at a television every day and tell themselves that the celebrities they watch can’t be them within a few years, that’s not what I see in them, I look at them and I see stars that can shock the world and be that person that comes from Rochester, New York and can say that they went to a great division one school and made it to the NFL from failure to success.

I plan to help inner city students and athletes year round with position wise and school work help. I plan to try my best to help the youth that I will be working with to maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher. Also, with things that can help them throughout their life including: hard work, determination, commitment, the passion of the sport and the desire that will push them to be the best they can be.

No longer will city athletes have to work ten times harder than everyone else in school and on the field just to barely be getting by, and schools like Marshall, Wilson, East, Franklin and Edison can get the same recognition and education as schools like Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Trinity High School in Louisville, Kentucky and then our kids can show their shine like they were meant to.

The characteristics that I plan to build in them in life will be because of passion because without really loving what you are doing you won’t try to work as hard as the next person. Also, hard work which is really the biggest skill of them all because you have to be able and ready to give all you have to something to be successful. You have to fight your way through many obstacles and hard work will get you going in the right direction, and my high school coach also teaches hard work because that’s what works and that’s what led Marshall’s football team to three straight years into the playoffs and two points away from the State title.

Being rich and successful is always on everybody’s mind but nobody ever wants to do the little things that will lead them there. I tell people, “never look for the easy way out, because there isn’t one, just look for the hard road and make it easy.”

Isaac Lewis Jr.
John Marshall High School

Those who are very successful in the future are because they become very successful in the past. I am told that I make a good asset now and will be an even greater asset in the future.

I believe I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, because to be a great entrepreneur you must be a good organizer, meaning before committing your work to a project, you must make sure to follow through while thinking and making plans. Then you got to be a good worker, which means you got to make sure to get the job done and stay on task. Then you need to develop good working habits Entrepreneurs are also good decision maker, which you have to be quick on your toes on making the right decision in the certain amount of time. You also have to be trusted if you want to make a great entrepreneur, you must make sure that you are true to your word, because making a sale or purchase with a customer will be hard if you don’t have trust, and a customer can see if you trust them or not and that can cause a break in the process. An entrepreneur has to stick with it or what ever they are doing, meaning that what ever project you are doing, you must never give-up and stay with the topic you started. You must overcome these obstacles and urges and find ways to overcome these obstacles. And you must be able to stay in good health too. A company doesn’t want a lazy person on their team.

In the book, “Turning Point”, by Randy Schuster, it included turning points of famous and awesome entrepreneurs who if you read what happened to them

You would wonder, “how did they make it to the place they are now, if that happened.” I know this, because that is what I thought. In this book there is an entrepreneur that sparked my interest; her name is Holly Creek, she’s in charge of HollyCreekHomes. At the age of twelve her father made a comment saying to her that, “If you work hard enough to earn your own money and you want to buy a car, then you pay for half and I’ll pay half.” That was her spark. During the time Holly was working her best to get the money she needed to get the car she wanted. This surprised her dad when she showed him the money she had been saving up. During that time, as she grew older she started to stick with her work and get what was supposed to get done and the amount of time. Like as a realtor, she knew that sticking to her goals became her greatest asset. And she always set the goals for what needed to be done and how long. She was the entrepreneur that sparked my interest in this, that anybody could do anything.

RayShonda Daniels
John Marshall High School

An Entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages any enterprise. To become an entrepreneur you have to have the desire, the passion, and the faith. I’m not sure if I want to be an entrepreneur but I do have a desire to become an Administrative Assistant. There are characteristics of administrative assistants that should also be found in an entrepreneur. Critical thinking plays a major role in both businesses because you have to use logic and reason to identify the strength and weaknesses of alternative situations. For example, an entrepreneur has to know when to open and close a business due to how the economy fluctuates. Like ways an administrative assistant has to know how to deal with different managers and their style.

Another characteristic that is common in both an entrepreneur and an Administrative Assistant is organization. When a person is trying to do a business deal you would want to be organized because it is important to be prepared. While working behind a desk in a business, being organized will help you work better and have space and order.

In the book Turning Points by Randy Schuster, one of the entrepreneurs, Kathy Clark, was an inspiration to me because even though she had a set back such as breast cancer and couldn’t work anymore she still wanted to be something in life. Kathy wanted to be successful and own her own business, and she did, Clark Moving and Storage, Inc. She had the mentality that “you have to find something that gives you the advantage, and when you find it, take advantage of it until it goes away.” I agree with this quote because if some one is giving you the advantage you should take it because it is benefiting you and helping you.

I think that a person can be anything they want to be as long as they try hard and have the desire and passion, and then it can be done. This book can also be an inspiration and can help you because it tells you all the trials and tribulations that people went through to own and be CEO’s of big businesses and how they succeed and came out on top. This book can be a guide to future entrepreneurs and business leaders.

In conclusion people can be what they want to be, even if you may have set backs it still can be done. All you have to do is stay determined and focused. I think that becoming an Administrative Assistant will be lots of hard work and determination so these advices in this essay will be very helpful.

“If you don’t set goals for yourself, you are doomed to work to achieve the goals of some one else.

Aderlin Familia
John Marshall High School

I was 7 years old with little experience in life. I was walking around a park by my house when I noticed one of the toys that belonged to a kid not much older than me that lived around me, lying in the grass. Moments later, I saw him crying and screaming out that he had lost the very same toy that was in front of me. Without hesitating, I grabbed it, approached him and managed to sell it back to him for two dollars without him noticing that the toy was actually his in the first place. That was the first sell I ever had and it was what inspired me to become and Entrepreneur.

Through my eyes, there are two types of people in this world; people who give orders and people who take them. Those who take orders are the ones in the back seat who just wait and do what they are told. Those who give the orders are the ones who are in charge of the ones that wait. I decided a long time ago that becoming my own boss was what was best for me. When I was 12, I settled on becoming a lawyer. At the time, I just wanted to become rich and I thought this was the best way. For a while, I thought this was my career to follow that is until I took a field trip to Xerox. We met with some managers. Their passion and drive was what kept the company running smoothly. Their desire was what helped them achieve greater heights. Their determination was what kept them going on and denied them from giving up. Someone there told me that being a lawyer wasn’t my calling because I settled on it. “When you decide on what you want to do for the rest of your life, you should not settle on it, you should be drawn to it,” was what helped influence me to drop my dream of becoming a lawyer and start my new dream of becoming an Entrepreneur. I went in with the idea of becoming a lawyer, but came out with the ambition of becoming my own boss.

In the Turning Points book, there was one person that stood out the most to me. Danny Wegman, the CEO of Wegmans took his grandfather’s business and made it to what it is today. His turning point happened when a speech his father never got to present fell into his hands. His father talked about finding your own niche and creating something totally unique; something that only you can do. Danny took from that speech the philosophy and mixed it with his feelings. This basically sums up how he runs his business everyday. Danny said, “The purpose of being in business is to give people a choice they wouldn’t have had otherwise,” which gives me an idea of what type of business I would want. His words kept me from doubting myself. He basically told me that there are going to be obstacles to face, but you have to stick with and not give up.

Being a CEO, means that you profit off of yourself. I want to be able to depend on myself and come up with my own solutions for my problems. To pursue this dream however, I’m going to have to start at the bottom and work myself up to the top. It’s going to take some work, but I’m going to start my business and make it successful. You can only get what you put in to your business and I’m willing to put everything into it. As a boy, I always wondered how people like Danny Wegman or Sam Walton could start such a huge and successful business. Now I know it was their determination, creativity, vision and desire to see their creation grow that made their businesses what they are today.

Francesco Cappiello
John Marshall High School

According to Randy Schuster, “You can be anything you want in life as long as you have the heart and the position to do it.” This statement means if you want it you can get it as long as you try.

For what I want to be which is an automotive technician, I need some certain skills, such as troubleshooting, repairing, and active learning and critical thinking. I would also need a certain education from college.

I want to be an automotive engineer. I want to own my own repair shop. I want one like Monroe Muffler. I have a plan to get there. I am currently going to summer camps. I am doing well in all my math classes. I am taking challenging math classes too. I am going to college for Business and Automotive Technology.

In the book, “Turning Points”, by Randy Schuster, there was a person who really stood out. His name is Matt Augustine. According to Matt Augustine, “No one can make you feel inferior with out your consent.” When Matt returned home he continued to struggle with discrimination as a result of political unrest and the escalating civil rights movement. He was fortunate to meet with two professors who knew of his academics and service records. They suggested that Matt apply to the Harvard Business School, where they both received their doctorate degrees. Matt enrolled and quickly found himself an active part of life on campus. He again was appointed leader of lots of student organizations and societies that were dedicated to fighting discrimination

De’Vonnte White
John Marshall High School

I have a desire to become an entrepreneur. I have a vision of one owning a chain of clubs, clothing stores, and restaurants. I have a passion for the living life in the fast lane. I think a club is for a person who loves to have fun and also make money.

I want to open a clothing store because around the Rochester area we don’t have much of a choice for clothes, if you want to wear upscale clothing. I would bring something different to the Rochester area that we need to help create more things to do for kids, teens, and adults.

I would mostly have business dealings with entertainment. My first business venture would be an 18 and over club in the downtown Rochester area. After this I would open my clothing store somewhere in the city at a nice storefront for a boutique style store.

Third I would open my club up at day time and serve food out of there to maximize profits and make maximum use of the space that I am occupying. After success of this I would start to open up my places of entertainment. I think this would be great business because I am a teen and we are always looking for things to do.

If there were a Dave and Busters here or an arcade similar to that one, I think it would do well. Teens are always looking for entertainment and parents are always looking for things to do with their young children. I have a mind for business so I think I would excel at any company even if it is not my own company at first.

I understand that you have to work to accomplish what you want. If nothing is passed to you without you working for it. When you finally get to where you want to be you have much more respect and appreciation for what you have accomplished on your own.

From my understanding, struggles and hard times that you go through make you a stronger person. John Holtz is the most inspiring to me. He did not have anything handed to him. Every thing he earned and worked hard for. This inspires me and also his quote also inspires me.

The world is full of abundance. All you have to do is ask. There are many opportunities in front of you but you will never know of them if you never ask questions. But many of the opportunities around, you will never know. So I think he is saying if you question more, you will find out more.

In conclusion, to become an entrepreneur I have to keep working hard to one day complete my goals and fulfill my dreams. Things won’t come so easy and there will be things that will make me want to quit. But if I keep going and trying to be my best at what I do then things will eventually fall in place as I want them to.

Lashawna Coleman
John Marshall High School

“I can do anything I want in life as long as I have the heart and the passion to do it,” this quote is by Randy Schuster. It relates to me because I believe that what ever I want to do, I can follow my dreams no matter what. For example, Phil Schuster, founder of Genesee Regional Bank and Louise Warner is the chairman and CEO of Home Care of Rochester.

Phil Saunder inspires me by owning his own bank that means that he takes all responsibility and action. He had a baby at a young age and wanted to have an abortion so it wouldn’t change his life. He’s been through a lot; his father died of cancer, so from there on he picked up his pace and started to make something of his life. So that’s when he owned Genesee Regional Bank. Also another person that inspires me is Louise Warner because she is the chairman of Home Care of Rochester. Louise Warner is a hard worker that followed her dreams and she didn’t allow anybody to take her dreams away from her. So what ever I do, I have to have trust in myself and look at my baby and tell my son he can make it just like his mother did.

From reading this book I learned that you can be whatever you want to be no matter what, because I am a young teen mother and I want to make something of myself so I can teach my son the right thing to do because in my point of life right now I want to give up so bad, but every time I look at him it makes me want to be more focused because I want to have that degree in social work so I can help young children and even older people. That’s what I love to do, is help no matter who they are but my biggest thing I want to major in is Law Criminal Justice, but I don’t know if I still want to do that, but social work I am going to do because I have the passion to do it, so that’s not going to stop at all because I told my mother I am going to do that and that’s final.

In conclusion, I am proud of everybody that makes a life for themselves instead of not, but all l want to do is get into a good college that can help me with my degree in social work but I also want to own my own business and help people, mostly young children because I can fell their pain and everything. I just want to put a smile on there face because I want to show them that there is someone that loves them, not hate them, so that’s why I want to own my own social building and hire some good and innocent people/children. I am very responsible and take care of business. I always want to help people, that’s my passion and I want to achieve it and go for it so that’s what I am going to do. So as long as I live, I want to remember what I did to achieve my goals and my past history so I am going to have this book that my son can look back and look back at me and give me a hug. This is how I am going to end with my own quote, “IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF THEN FOLLOW YOUR DREAM, PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP.”

Sharanda Johnson
John Marshall High School

I consider myself more of a Social Entrepreneur. What I mean by this is that I want to be a social worker but I have a vision to start my own teen/family shelters throughout Rochester. I believe the type of characteristics for this is positive energy and good communication skills but outside of that you need a vision, the drive, passion, dedication and a commitment to the people you are trying to reach out to. You have to show them that you are dependable, trustworthy, and honest with them and that you are really interested in their well being. Those to me are major characteristics.

Locally there’s this lady name Nancy-Johns Price she is not an entrepreneur but she is really dedicated to her job in the field of working with youth. She has all the characteristics of a business woman. After observing Nancy-Johns Price I promised to conduct myself as she does and that’s where I found the characteristics I listed. After these observations I think I found the true meaning of what HARD WORK means and I will be sure to utilize some of the things I observed to help me pursue my vision.

“If life gives you lemons make lemonade.” That’s exactly what many of the entrepreneurs in this book did and many of their stories have inspired me. One of the stories that affected me emotionally was the story of Matt Augustine. In spite of the time period in which he lived and the prejudices surrounding it, he didn’t let it affect his vision of being successful. He didn’t let his skin complexion affect the decisions he made. I also like the fact that he didn’t wait till he became wealthy by making changes he started when he was in college by joining several clubs that wanted to make a difference just like he did and for that I truly believe he is a role model.

Another story that touched me was Arunas Chesonis. Arunas Chesonis is the meaning of a leader he noticed he had to make a change and made it. One of the quotes that he said in his story really inspired me, it reads, “You can think of an idea……. but to make it happen, you have to really believe it, work hard at it and get the right people involved.” What this quote says to me is if you have a vision you have to first believe in that vision enough so that you can pursue it and when pursuing it, get the right people involved, people who are willing to support it and willing to get involved with it or even people who are interested in the same thing.

After reading the struggles of many of these entrepreneurs I believe that I can do anything if I try and that trials and tribulations are apart of life and that I can be successful no matter the circumstances. Also the fact that all of them are from Rochester really touched me because they are from where I am from so they witnessed some of the things I did and they still came out on top. I think after reading this book that I am truly going to pursue my vision because these really gave me the extra push I needed. So in the words of Kathy Clark, “You have to find something that gives you the advantage and when you find it, take advantage of it until it goes away.”

Michael Jennings
John Marshall High School

“The only mistake you can make in life is to not set your sights high enough.” That was a famous quote from Robert Wegmans. Robert Wegmans was the father of Danny Wegmans and the founder and C.E.O. of Wegmans grocery store. To accomplish the goal of being an entrepreneur you have to have the right attitude and the right characteristics to achieve any thing in life.

One of many characteristics that you need to be an entrepreneur is leadership. Leadership is the ability to lead or give guidance or directions. To me that is one of the important roles and or characteristics of being an entrepreneur. Kathy Clark once said, “You have to find something that gives you the advantage, and when you find it, take advantage of it until it goes away.” To me, Kathy Clark CEO of Clark Moving and Storage Inc. was a leader. I think that because if you don’t take leadership to go do what you need to do, you will achieve in life or be able to be an entrepreneur.

Also, another characteristic that you need is being dependable. If you are dependable you are very less likely to be an entrepreneur and be successful in life. For example, if you are not dependable and someone ask you to pay a bill or do a job for them and you can’t or don’t do it then you are not dependable and could possibly be fired.

In conclusion, to be an entrepreneur there are many characteristics you have to have to be successful in your goal. Also remember to have the right attitude that is positive and good communication and people skills.

Christine M. Spraggins
John Marshall High School

As kids we dream of what we want to be, of what we want to do with our lives. As Randy Schuster said, “You can do anything you want in life as long as you have the passion to do it.” That quote was said for everyone who wants and will and has done something for themselves. Everyone has a choice to the way they want to live their life. No one has that responsibility but you.

It’s safe to say that most people have the dream of being rich, but it’s also safe to say they don’t want to do the hard work and put in the effort to get to that point. People say they are entrepreneurs just for the title, and the people who do that fail to realize that you need the desire, commitment, determination and most of all the vision to do what you have to do to make it off the ground.

As a young entrepreneur and being the CEO and President of Virtual Enterprises, I understand why communication (oral and written), and listening skill is very important and I also know why patience is too. In my class we had to start a business from the ground up.

The name of our company is S.P.Y. Spa (Spoil, Pamper yourself). We had to role play and hire people for the skills they had, and as it went on we made a logo and a business plan for our company. It showed skills that we didn’t know we had like creativity, time management, and most of all teamwork. It was hard because a lot of people gave up and being the CEO I had to step in and do their part. After reading Turning Point, I realized that was one of the turning points in my life.

After reading this book it has taught me never to give up on the things I want to do. This book has changed some of my career goals. It has also helped me make some of the decisions I wasn’t sure about. But I was truly inspired by Kathy Clark, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she kept going. She never gave up.

As I stated before, everyone has a dream but it’s not going to come true if you don’t have the desire, commitment, and the vision to make it happen. Passion also plays a big part of what you want to do. So I believe, never give up on what you want to do.

Dekontee Richards

A turning point is an experience or event which marks an important change in the course of a person’s life. In the book “Turning Points”, by Randy Schuster, successful business leaders explain in their own words, how they turned obstacles into life-changing opportunities. Family is a very important aspect in the business world. For instance many of the businesses mentioned in “Turning Points” were family owned and operated. Similar to Jose Coronas, partner of the Trillium Group, he moved from Cuba for political war reasons. My mother and I moved from Liberia when I was only four years old. This was a life changing experience for the both of us. Dealing with her struggles to survive in the United States as an immigrant, made her decide to start her own business. She chose to go into the catering business and specialize in African food. She knew that to get to the top you must start from the bottom. Rick Dorschel, CEO of The Dorschel Automotive Group, also had this mind set. Now he has a successful automotive dealership. While I’m in school, my role in my mother’s business is small. Though, for our future, with my mother’s willpower and my desire to become an entrepreneur, I hope to reach new heights with our business.

A business leader is someone who has reached their Turing Point and has the attributes needed to become successful. Essential is a character that is acceptable to change and has the power to use customer’s needs to mold their own business. Lauren Dixon is a prime example of the type of character needed to be innovative. By discovering a common problem in the advertising industries, setting and keeping a long term goal she excelled through her time of hardship. I believe a successful business leader is someone with charisma, determination and self-discipline.

Everyone mentioned in the book showed these characteristics and more, but one stood out to me. Managing Broker of CB Richard Ellis, Michael Frame, had a story that stood out the most to me because he used his goal of traveling the world which ultimately lead him to the business world. His career like my mother’s started out small and simple but through his experiences traveling abroad and gaining interpersonal skills he achieved success in the Real Estate industry. I have always wanted to travel the world and introduce myself to new and exiting cultures. This would be a big advantage as a business leader because you now have the ability to relate to your consumers. Another reason he stood out to me is because even when seen numerous beautiful countries, Mr. Frame still returned to his home town of Rochester.

As a child growing up in our society, you start to learn about people and the cultures around you. In Rochester there is a very big lack of cultural diversity among adults and teens. African heritage is not commonly known and is usually stereotyped as being primitive. One of my main reasons of becoming an entrepreneur is to introduce people to a way of life that I have always lived. Through my mother’s business I want people to exchange customs and ideas. I want people to be able to have the opportunity to find jobs and better themselves. Small business owners create a huge impact on the people around them and then turn into huge corporations that I want to be apart of.

There are many characteristics of a business leader that is needed to become successful. “Turning Points” has highlighted these entrepreneurs that have shown what it means to have a goal and also not just to accomplish it, but to keep it long term. Reading this book has introduced me to many successful business leaders that through hard work and perseverance created a network of companies that effect people’s everyday lives. “Turing Points” is an inspiration to adolescents like myself to attempt in becoming an asset to society.

Frameirys Peña-Liranzo

Business leaders play an important role in our society. They have all achieved their dreams and successes in varied ways, but these positive outcomes were a result of hard work and determination. In fact, they are a motivation to those who dream of succeeding as an entrepreneur. Holly Creek is an example of a business leader who has inspired me to venture into the business world. I learned about her in the book “Turing Points” (Schuster 2008, p. 35). Believing you can achieve your dreams is the first step to success. Secondly, you have to work diligently to get there. But when you try to pursue your dreams, obstacles begin to appear like the archetypical goblin or gremlin who attempts to suffocate our pursuits towards happiness. To stand outside of your comfort zone, one must blindly step out. One might feel afraid; but sometimes you just have to bravely separate yourself from your fear or failure to overcome obstructions.

The desire of becoming an entrepreneur came to me at the age of thirteen while visiting my aunt's business. I asked her to let me help at something and she told me to balance the accounts with her. I enjoyed it so much that it didn’t even seem like a job for me, but an enjoyable task or activity. Since that day, I realized studying business administration and having my own business was what I really wanted to do. The characteristics needed to become a successful entrepreneur are: traits of leadership, optimism, creativity, goal-setting, persistence, organization, discipline, competition, self responsibility, and most importantly, good administration with the logistics of the business and management of capital. My father once said, the very first company was the institution of the family. If you can realize a successful administration of your family’s income and resources then you can definitely manage a prosperous business.

Holly Creek is an inspiration to me because since her teenage years, she demonstrated persistence in what she wanted to do and have. She opened my eyes to take a glimpse at the possibilities when we put our minds to it. “[Her] belief that you can do anything you want if you simply have clear goals in mind to get there and work hard to consistently meet them every single time.” (p. 38). If we act on the unrealized dream long enough, the results of our vision will manifest into reality. This kind of perspective is evident in Holly’s formative years. Holly was twelve and she was discussing with her dad about a particular make of car she really liked. In this conversation, her father promised her to pay half for the car she had her eyes on. To be twelve years old, she must have been centered and worked harder than before in order to earn enough of her own money to pay the other half. It took her a few years later, i.e., at nineteen to realize this goal. It started as a dream, but could only be accomplished through innovative and physical labor. Holly had saved enough money to pay for half of the car. It impressed me because she didn't change her mind in what her purpose was even though most people her age tend to spend their money on frivolous materials or diverge from the original plan. I noticed one of her qualities was that of a goal-setter.

When Holly Creek was an adult, she started working with Judy Columbus Realty. She demonstrated great potential in the sales of residential property. During a trying episode in her life, Holly needed to be the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31—a family woman who is industrious in her business affairs in order to take care of her family. “Because she knew exactly how much money her family would need to survive while her husband was building his business, Holly had a concrete idea of just how many sales she would need to make, and when she would need to make them. She set goals for herself on the number of houses that she sold and began to consistently meet those goals each and every month.” (p. 37). This aptitude to set a goal and reach it is indicative of her gift of sales and not only a streak of competition, but a determined resourcefulness in her ability to provide for her family.

Jumoke Vieux
Charlotte High School

There is nothing better than being your own boss. Own your own business, and you either fail or succeed based on your own ability. That is the life of an entrepreneur and one day I would like to have my very own clothing line. My clothing line would be called Vee Siex clothing, and would consist of many different kinds of apparel. Things ranging from gloves, to hats, to shirts, jeans, shows underwear, socks, belts, jackets, coats, and even stylish glasses. My line would start off as a New York based design and emerge out of Rochester and move to New York City. The plan in the end would be to go nation-wide. My costumes would be very wide-ranged. It would basically be for young people: male and females between the ages of about five to twenty eight. The line will look to appeal to both urban ad suburban cultures with a little twist.

To be an entrepreneur you need to possess very strong qualities. Being a person that cannot take a let down would not be in your best interest, being that entrepreneurs are experimenting with every move they make. You don’t really know if it is going to work out for you. You must be a hard worker and know how to set goals for yourself and work to achieve them. These are qualities that I myself feature.

John Holtz, the car dealer, is my biggest Rochester entrepreneur inspiration to me. He got all that he has on his own, while dealing with stress and struggle. His father died when he was 19 and he had to see himself through college. Then he was able to buy a motorcycle dealership at 25. He has the type of drive and strength one must have to have a truly inspiring and successful entrepreneur.

If I am to get my own clothing line business, it will not be an easy task, but one I am willing to try. I know people and am a strong leader. I hope to one day be a great business leader and be respected by other business owners nation-wide.